The TapImmune technology platforms combine to form the most comprehensive T-cell Immunotherapeutic vaccines in development.

We do this by combining unique and proprietary sets of peptide antigens to illicit BOTH killer T-cell (CD8) and helper T-cell (CD4) immune responses to targeted peptides. This combination separates the TapImmune technology platform from others in immunotherapy who might illicit one or the other or none at all (i.e. no tumor cell killing).

By doing so we are able to treat wider patient populations in multiple indications and in multiple therapeutic areas (in cancer and infectious diseases).

This comprehensive approach to our immunotherapeutic vaccines addresses the deficiencies seen in earlier approaches like adoptive T-cell therapies, immune checkpoint blockades and in the current standard of care therapies on the market today like Herceptin, a monoclonal antibody by Roche. Herceptin does not address either of the T-cell responses required to target and eliminate cancer cells. Herceptin merely slows tumor growth, can only be used effectively for one year, and can only be used in approximately 15-20% of the her2neu positive breast cancer population. Herceptin has annual sales in excess of $6 billion (2013).


TapImmune’s novel and ground breaking peptide expression technology platform provides a totally new paradigm in the approach to making vaccines more effective and not only towards those under development currently, but those that are already in the marketplace as well.

These DNA plasmid expression systems can amplify the visibility of a targeted peptide significantly, making the cancer or virally infected cell substantially more visible to the immune system so that they can be identified and targeted for killing by the T-cell responders.

PolyStart is a unique vaccine platform antigen expression system that ‘boosts’ the presentation of the desired peptide on the surface of the cell for the killer T-cells to recognize and kill. This totally novel system creates a 4 (FOUR) fold increase in antigen presentation. Nobody has this technology and it has unlimited application in oncology and infectious diseases not only in our own platforms but can be applied to many others via licensing. Ideal candidates include Provenge, Yervoy and many more…

TAP  (Transporters associated with Antigen Processing) is a central component of the immune system responsible for the processing of antigens and their subsequent presentation to the body’s immune system. TAP-based products have unique and broad application as vaccines for the treatment of both cancer and infectious disease.

In many solid cancer tumors the TAP protein system is down-regulated (greatly reduced or switched off) so that the immune system does not recognize and is not stimulated to attack the cancer. Restoration of TAP function in tumor-bearing animals results in significant reduction in tumor mass and prolongation of survival.  TapImmune believes that this approach could become a central treatment for a wide variety of cancers in addition to making other cancer vaccine approaches more effective.  In addition, our approach is potentially synergistic to existing therapies.

In the treatment of infectious disease, the use of the company’s TAP technology can make vaccines for microbial pathogens significantly more effective. In animal models, vaccines (e.g. smallpox) were 100-1000 times more effective or potent in the presence of TAP vaccines. This offers a highly sought after solution to situations where in a pandemic outbreak like bird flu or H1N1 or a bioterrorism threat, vaccines are insufficient to meet demand. It also means that the amount of vaccine required per dose would be significantly reduced.

Infectious Disease and National Preparedness is another very significant market and ideal therapeutic area for the TPIV vaccine conjugate. Along with novel peptides and the PolyStart expression system, the TPIV vaccine platform can address multiple infectious diseases as well as pandemic and biodefense threats. Our current Smallpox vaccine study at Mayo Clinic has already shown significant benefits over the current vaccine stockpile. It is naturally processed and peptide based, making it safer, longer lasting, cheaper and as effective (in animal studies) as the current product stockpile. The last DHHS contract for a smallpox vaccine stockpile was worth up to $2.8 Billion.

This is a new paradigm and the next logical step in the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases and could significantly advance the development of new vaccines as well as improve those that already exist.

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