What was once a dream has become reality when it comes to harnessing a person’s immune system to treat all types of cancers. Today, immune checkpoint inhibitors are already on the market and many more are in development.

TapImmune Inc., a leading innovator and world class clinical-stage immuno-oncology company is specializing in the development of T-cell vaccines for the treatment of various cancers and infectious diseases, specifically ovarian and breast cancer.

Stimulating human T-cells as therapeutics is what TapImmune is all about. We have selected antigen combinations that can lead to the treatment of wider patient populations in numerous indications and in varied therapeutic areas of cancer.

Most people these days don’t die from the primary tumor—they die from metastatic disease, where the cancer has traveled to other organs or parts of the body that ultimately can’t be treated.

We are developing vaccine immunotherapies that create a lasting “memory” T-cell response that may be effective against both the primary tumor and metastases.