TapImmune’s technology has broad applications in developing therapeutic and preventative vaccines.

Our strategy is to build a patented proprietary and unique product pipeline to capitalize on the breadth of the technology platforms we have developed or own and through collaborative partnerships and license agreements.

To achieve success, TapImmune’s strategy for growth is to:

  • Conduct preclinical immunotherapeutic programs and move successes through to human trials
  • Develop a pipeline of Best in Class technology platforms that combine to make the most comprehensive T-cell immunotherapeutic vaccines in development.
  • Discover, acquire and develop technologies that modulate antigen presentation
  • Commercialize proprietary products through corporate alliances
  • Develop business partnerships that enhance the efficacy of other immunotherapeutic and vaccine product

We welcome inquiries concerning potential partnering opportunities (licensing or research/development collaborations) associated with the treatment of oncology and non-oncology disease indications including infectious disease.